Frequently asked questions

What all sellers needs, to start Business with us ?

Seller just need a GST Number.

How many plans do you have ?

Currently we have 4 Plans i.e Beginner Plan, Intermediate Plan, Enterprise Website Plan and Leebykart Service Plan.

Can I pay EMI for the plan ?

No, there is no such option available.

Could I get a trial subscription ?

Yes, seller can download our LEEBYKART reselling application on their mobile and can start selling.

what product categories do you have ?

We have Home, Kitchen, Personal Care, Electronics, Clothing & Apparels, Lingerie And Fashion Accessories.

What all payment options does seller have ?

Seller can pay through any online mode.

How can I place the order ?

Seller can place the order by three different ways:- 1.Over the website i.e. 2.Over the Email i.e. 3.Over the Leebykart Application

How much time you will take to provide the tracking details ?

We provide the tracking details within 24Hrs.

how many days it takes to the deliver the product ?

Normally, customer gets the product in 4-6 working days.

In what condition customer can return/Exchange the product ?

Customer can return or exchange the product within 7 working days after the product is been delivered.

In how many days and how can seller get the refund for the product ?

After the product is been received by our team, we will check the product and if everything is intact, then Customer needs to provide their bank details to get the refund back in their account within 2 working days.

Do you offer Cash on delivery(COD) ?

Yes, But we charges Rs.50/- Extra for COD orders.

How often do you add new product ?

Our team add products on the weekly basis. Sellers get notified via email.

In how much time seller’s query get resolved ?

Normally any request placed by the seller is been resolved within 24 hours.

Will you help in marketing ?

Yes, we help in marketing website. We have dedicated Digital Marketing Team .

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