How To Add User Permissions In Amazon Account

You have to Follow The Following Steps :-
  1. Login Into Your Amazon Seller Account.
  2. After Login Into Amazon Seller Account, Click On the Setting > User Permissions. See Image

Amazon Login Page

3. Click On User Permissions.

Amazon User Permission

4. Now Enter The Name “Leebykart” And In Place Of Email Use “” then click on Invite.

5. Once We Accept Your Invitaion Then Again You Have To Go To The User Permissions And Now It Will Look Like This.

user permission 1


6. Now You Have To Click On Manage Permissions. Refer Below.

user permission 4

7.Now It Will Look Like This. Refer Below

user permission 3

8. Now You Can Give Permission By Clicking On View & Edit Button As Per Your Requirements. At Last You Have To Click On Continue Button To Give  Selected Permissions.

user permission 2

That’s All!!!!!  You Have Done It.