What are the different types of Dropshipping?

Now, that we understand Dropshipping as a business model, let’s analyze the different types we can find in our daily lives. Dropshipping, as a business model, is suited to those entrepreneurs, who wish to provide services to the end-user but do not want to pay too much attention to inventory, warehouse, or delivery.

Business Extensions:

If you take the example of Sarojini Market, which is in Delhi, it was so famous that a few people executed this idea and made a living out of it. So what is a Business Extension? When you are thinking of expanding your business online, you can choose any one person or organization who can dropship for you. Every time they get an order on the site, they ask the retail store to deliver the product to the customer. It is an excellent option for people who want to have their presence online. This is a great business model option that is based out of smaller cities but can be too hard to do it in rural areas.




Print on Demand:

It is a successful kind of dropshipping in India where a firm sells the printable articles which have their names or images on it. They can have a wide range of products such as mugs, t-shirts, curtains, pens amongst a variety of daily use products. You can also offer customized stuff which can be used as gifting options. You see these kinds of stores by musicians or bands who want to sell their merchandise. This kind will require you to have an idea about what to print on the products. It can be witty one-liners or anything, but it requires a specific group of people involved in it. If the particular brand you are trying to sell has gained popularity only then, this model will be successful. This model works on demand.



Creation of the Product:

This type is a challenging one, and it can be possible in India only if you have a good understanding between you and your supplier. This is the dropshippers manufacturing some products on their own and combining them with the products that are bought from other suppliers. This type is a creative way of implementing the dropshipping model. They can make DIY kits.


Product Reselling:

This is the most common type. It is where the dropshipping happens in the purest form. They make contacts with suppliers; they bring out the unique content in the products and sell them to the customers. It is excellent for someone who wants to do reselling of popular products. Product reselling is suitable for people who are good at marketing. They can attract customers and also be successful in selling the stuff.



Thus these are the parts of the Dropshipping India version where you will find people opting for these kinds of businesses. Dropshipping can be great for people who love to work from home or create their E-commerce store but cannot afford a lot of capital investment. It looks great if someone wants to have passive income.

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